Selling The Taste Book makes for a Great Fundraiser!

2019 Fundraising Flyer - School

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Why Your Organization Should be Selling The Taste Book:

  • No Risk – All unsold books may be returned without penalty.
  • Up to 50% profit.
  • Simple to Sell – The book is filled with offers people use every day!
  • No Up-Front Investment – All books are provided on consignment.

Your Profits Add Up Quickly:

Total Sellers Books Sold Total Profit
20 5 Each $1,250
100 5 Each $6,250
200 5 Each $12,500
350 5 Each $21,875

More About Fundraisers:

  • The Taste Book sale price for fundraisers is $25.00
  • For each Taste Book sold, your organization earns up to 50%.
  • Books can be delivered within 24 hours.
  • Absolutely no delivery or pickup charges.
  • All books are provided on consignment.

What Makes The Taste Book Worry Free?

  • Complete sales kits are provided.
  • No required minimum quantities to receive your high profit!
  • No penalties for returning unsold product.
  • A product everyone loves and can use!

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